HP 45 "Specialty Inkjet" Cartridges for Dimuken Printers

MICRinkINC.com HP 45 MICR "Specialty Inkjet" Cartridges for use in commercial print production, on high-speed Dimuken Printers, are in production at Clover Imaging Group, utilizing a "Customized" MICR Inkjet Formulation created by Nanum NanoTechnologia for a Commercial Printer in Nigeria.

The formulation has been perfected over the last five-years, as we continue to supply these cartridges and to monitor, and improve, the performance of the ink and the cartridges in a "real-time" collaboration between end-user, ink manufacturer and cartridge manufacturer, in a high-speed, production print environment.  This scenario for Research, Design and Testing cannot be simulated in any laboratory, at any company, anywhere.


MICRinkINC.com HP 45 MICR "Specialty Inkjet" Cartridges are performing as well, or better, than an HP OEM cartridge containing regular black ink, in spite of the problems inherent with the iron-oxide dispersion...  and our MICR Formulations ARE measurably better