R&D for HP62XL MICR Inkjet Cartridge - 42.9% Savings!!!

MICRinkINC.com, in collaboration with its manufacturing partners Clover Technologies and Nanum Technologia, released its newly designed HP62XL MICR Inkjet Cartridge last year.  The HP62XL MICR Research & Design Project was initiated at the request of a Procurement Manager for a national insurance company "to offer a better, more cost-effective, alternative to the Troy HP/ 62XL MICR currently used by field adjusters in HP 200 & 250 Mobile Printers."  During the first year, +/- 1,500 of the MICRinkINC.com HP62XL MICRs were deployed at $39.95EA (vs. $70.00EA for the TROY HP 62XL MICR) saving his company +/- $45,075 !!!